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Anonymous asked:

What's the longest you've kept a fish?


That’s actually a really fun question.
We’ve had several beta fish and they all did really well and one did extras instill well when he lived for about four months. His name was blue :)

Betta are suppose to live five years and will do so easily when in the proper environment. Send me an ask and I can help you out.


Please help me name my new fishy!

Your new fishy is in an improper home, he really won’t do well here. Betta are tropical and need filters, heaters, and space to swim. Many stores let good people believe that betta are fine in these little vases. But this is not the case. A good five gallon kit with a proper heater is perfect for them on the other hand. If you have questions you should shoot me an ask.


Everyone I really need some advice I don’t know what to do and am feeling really worried. I got a beta fish yesterday which is great but I only got him a 1 gallon tank because I thought beta fish were alright in smaller tanks. Apparently though beta fish are like goldfish in that they need more…

The filter adds pennys to the electric bill. That’s a bullshit excuse to let the poor guy suffer. Try and get a five gallon and filter. The aqueon evolve 8 is perfect and tell your dad that it won’t add to the electric bill.

imonthosetropicalvibes asked:

Beta fish can live without a heater or filter or a gallon tank, they literally live in puddles in South America. I kept mine in a tiny clear glass bowl and he lived healthy for about 5 years. :) hope this helped


Thank you so much for sending me this!! This made me feel a whole lot better <3 

(p.s. let me know if you didn’t want me to publish this)

This is a huge myth. They cannot live well in tiny bowls like that. They also do not live in puddles in the wild. Besides, the ones you are getting are extremely domesticated. The whole but in the wild argument has no ground here. A five gallon heated and filtered aquarium is best. With nice silk or live plants. These fish are tropical. They NEED heat. Vases do not hold that heat. The proper range is 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally the ammonia levels reach toxic levels in eight hours when vases are used. If you are confused on anything, come to my ask box and I will do my best to clarify. If you don’t believe me ask my eight babies.


My neighbor I am house and dog sitting has a beta fish in a vase. I felt so bad I put the fish in a bathtub of water even if only for a night

Ah that’s bad! Tap water is bad for betta fish! It is true that betta fish cannot live happily in vases for many reasons, the top three are they are cold, not filtration, and not enough space to swim. I would speak to the owner about moving him into a proper tank with heating and filtration a perfect one is the aqueon evolve 8. Be sure no plastic plants. They will tear his little fins. If you have questions pop me an ask or go to the betta fish tag.



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